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Last updated: 31 Aug 96

30 August 1996

It's official! Our domain,, has been formally registered with InterNIC. The future home of this site is: [].

Please note, it is our understanding that it may take until early next week before the site is readily accessible (within the continental US) via the URL shown above. It takes a while for a domain to be distributed throughout the global internet.

In the meantime, the IP address style URL: [] should always work.

In addition, the URL: may work when just using does not.

If you have the inclination, try them all and let us know the results [i.e., which URLs work or not, what internet service, and what geographic region]! We can now be reached at:

29 August 1996

This WMWEB web site is currently being mirrored at a temporary site: [WMWEB mirror site]

Please feel free to try it out. We would appreciate feedback on how this mirrored site compares to the site here. Though CTSNET's internet access is "technically" faster (dual T3's vs. partial T3 equal to six times T1 rates) than SIMPLENET's, we hope that in actual use, the reverse is what will be experienced by most visitors.

Obviously, we are counting on the fact that SIMPLENET has far fewer customers than CTSNET, along with SIMPLENET's use of high performance web servers since all their customers are paying only for web hosting. SIMPLENET does not provide any internet access to its customers.

28 August 1996

We have signed up with a web hosting service that will provide much more space for our web pages for a flat monthly fee (though with a very hefty, startup fee). As part of the hosting service package, we have also registered for an InterNIC domain name.

The current estimated time for domain registration from InterNIC is two weeks for .ORG domains.

August 1996

Over the last few months, our current provider has been charging us for "excessive" traffic charges to this web site. Though these extra fees are very nominal and competitive with other ISPs, it feels a bit uneasy to not know each month what our ISP bill will be.

The 4 MB of storage that CTSNET provides is very generous. Though we have stayed under this limit, it has taken a bit of effort to keep it there. We have had to clean-up, and optimize or delete files several times.

Please send comments, questions or suggestions to:

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