Recipe for Cheese Lasagna

Recipe for Cheese Lasagna




1 pack lasagna noodles
1 can tomato sauce
1 container lasagna cheese filling
1 large pan
1 stick butter
1 pack grated cheese
1 wooden spoon
1 medium-sized bowl
1 large-sized bowl
1 roll wax paper
1 can opener
1 large glass



Step one: Take large tin pot, and fill three quarters with cold water.

Step two: Turn stove on high, let water boil for 10 minutes.

Step three: When water is bubbling, open box of pasta noodles. Gently place noodles one by one into pot.

Step four: Constantly check noodles, to see if they are soft.

Step five: Pour noodles into strainer, strain until dry. Set piece of wax paper on cutting board. Set noodles on wax paper.

Step six: Now, the things you should have out are soft noodles and a large pan.

tomato sauce

Step seven: Open refrigerator, take out stick of butter. Butter tin pan.

large bowl

Step eight: Pick up 4 noodles, set them one by one longwise in tin pan. Take can of tomato sauce, open can with can opener. Pour sauce into small bowl. Take wooden spoon, fill with sauce. Spread sauce on noodles.


Step nine: Open container of lasagna cheese filling. Wash wooden spoon, then scoop cheese out. Spread cheese on top of sauce.

wooden spoon

Step ten: Take 4 more noodles, lay them longwise on top of cheese. Spread cheese on top of sauce.

Step eleven: Lay last layer of four noodles on previous layer.

Step twelve: The last thing is the grated cheese. Open cheese pack, then take some grated cheese out. Sprinkle all over top (as much as you want). Put lasagna in oven on bake. Let cook for 35 minutes.



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