How to Tie Your Shoe

How to Tie Your Shoe



You will need:

  1. A shoe
  2. your shoe laces
  3. your hands



#1 First you take one shoe, and lace it up with your shoelace.

#2 To lace it up, criss cross your shoelace over and under the holes in your shoe.

#3 When the ends of your shoelaces meet take one end, lay the other down, then go over and under your laid down end.

#4 Take one end of your shoelace and make a loop.

#5 Take the other shoelace and wrap it around the loop.

#6 By doing that, you will make a smaller loop.

#7 Put the middle of the shoelace you haven't looped, through the small hole.

#8 By putting your shoelace through the hole, you make another big loop.

#9 Pull on the big loop very hard, this will make it tight.

#10 That's how you tie your shoe!


Extra Help to Double Knot!

#1 When you have two loops, you seperate them.

#2 Place one down, then hold the other in your hand.

#3 With the one in your hand, go over then under the one placed down.

#4 Pull tight! That's how you double knot!


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