How to make your own Solar System

How to make your own Solar System




Tissue paper
Styrofoam balls
Metal rings
Fishing Line
Small Bowl



  1. Get different size styrofoam balls and metal rings (about nine of them).

  2. Then get a small sized bowl about the size of a lunch box.

  3. Get different colored tissue paper.

  4. Then get a glue bottle.

  5. Put some glue in the bowl.

  6. Get some water from your kitchen sink.

  7. Pour some water in the bowl with the glue.

  8. Stir the glue and water.

  9. Then get the styrofoam ball and roll it in the mixture.

  10. Get the tissue paper (any color) and put it on the ball with the mixture.

  11. If you can get some glitter of the same color as the tissue paper, sprinkle it on the ball.

  12. Try to get some fishing line and hang all your planets when they're dry on the rings with the fishing line.

  13. Hang it some where in your room and push one of the rings and the planets will rotate.


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