Book Review - The Guinea Pig : How to Care for Them, Feed Them, and Understand Them (Family Pet Series)
Family Pet Series


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order nowThe Guinea Pig : How to Care for Them, Feed Them, and Understand Them (Family Pet Series) ($12.95)
by Katrin Behrend, photographs taken by Karin Skogstad, illustrated by Renate Holzner
Hard cover, 127 pages, Barron's Educational Series, 1997
0.60 x 8.83 x 6.53 inches, 0-8120-6596-4

This comprehensive book on guinea pig care focuses on issues to ponder before getting a guinea pig; basic housing, nutrition, and health needs; and productive interaction with pet guinea pigs. As evident in the title, it is written for the family in mind. The parent taking the most responsibility in the pet's welfare with children taking on what they can handle. Several sections include asides for children that answer questions many would ask.

Katrin Behrend poses many questions responsible pet owners should answer before considering a pet. She also presents issues such as spaying and neutering, vacationing and traveling, and veterinary care. She stresses preventive health care but encourages veterinary care in serious situations.

In addition to the common health care issues, Katrin Behrend includes a unique section on the mental health of pets. She addresses behavioral problems and possible solutions, training guinea pigs (including housebreaking), and making obstacle courses and playgrounds to keep inquisitive minds active.

This book is well written and includes many beautiful photographs showing guinea pigs in a variety of situations. Just by looking at the pictures in this book, pet owners can glean information on developing engaging environments for their friends. It is an excellent resource for prospective owners and beginners in need of basic information about guinea pig care. It is also a handy resource for those with more experience, especially since it directly addresses important issues all pet owners should address.

Table of Contents
What You Need to Know Before Acquiring a Guinea Pig
The Guinea Pig's Origin
Things to Think About Before Buying a Guinea Pig
The Law and the Pet Owner
Where to Get a Guinea Pig?
Good Health is Important
Profile of the Guinea Pig

Proper Care and Grooming
Equipment and Housing
The Well-Groomed Guinea Pig
Good Nutrition
Preventive Care and Health Problems
The Sick Guinea Pig
Planned Breeding of Guinea Pigs

Understanding Your Pet and Keeping It Busy
Becoming Familiar with Behavioral Problems
Getting the Guinea Pig Settled Properly
Training a Guinea Pig
Great Ideas for Playing with Your Guinea Pig
The Right Way to Solve Behavioral Problems

Review written by on September 19, 1998.

Copyright 1998 M. E. Barr.


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