Authors Project

In the course of this year, we have studied works by various authors. We have read books and poems by both male and female writers from the United States and Britain. Because we have learned about so many different people, it may be easy to get them mixed up. This assignment will help you to sort them all out. When you finish, the authors should be clear in your mind. Our Authors Project is divided into three segments, the Data Search, the Photo-Match, and the Biography. Use the yellow worksheet and this web page to complete this assignment.



Data Search


Use these links to begin your search for the information you will need to

fill in the boxes on the first chart on the yellow worksheet entitled "Authors Project."

Do not stop at the first page that comes up when you click on a link.

Keep looking and clicking on other links. You may do searches of your own

if you cannot find all of the needed information on the pages I suggest.




Mark Twain

William Shakespeare

Charlotte Bronte

Jack London

Sandra Cisneros

Alfred, Lord Tennyson

John Steinbeck

Walt Whitman

Ralph Waldo Emerson



Who is Who?

Use the list of authors above to match these pictures to the names.

Use the information on your chart to

help you make your choices.

Write the names of the authors in the corresponding squares

on the back of the Authors Project worksheet.




Finally, choose one of the authors we have stuied and use information from at least three Internet sources to write a 200-300 word biography of that person. Be sure to include all of the information you collected for your chart, and add many more facts so that your reader knows who your author is, what he wrote, when he lived, how his writing affected other people, and why he is an important person to study.

Please type your paper. Check and double check your grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation, and be sure to use a variety of sentence structures. At the bottom of your paper, make a list of the URLs for the sities you used as sources. Do not get all of your information from one site. Instead, take notes from each site and use the data from each to write your paper.



Miss Cothran's Personal Page:



Standards Alignment: 8th Grade Language Standards

* Conduct multiple step information searches on the internet

* Organize and display information on a chart

* Write a short biography of your favorite author