Hi there! My name is Nikki Martin and I'm a recent graduate from the credential program at National University. I received my credential for teaching multiple subjects for grades K-12and I hope to teach first or second grade. I believe that every child can learn, no matter what obstacles they may have to face, such as learning disabilities or feelings of incapabilities (i.e. "I can't do this, this is too hard," "I'm stupid"). I wish to challenge these students and give them the encouragement that they need to reach beyond what they believe is their limits.



My Favorite Lesson:


The Lunar Cycle: first or second gradelesson


With the lights off, use a globe and a flashlight to show how thesun shines on half of the earth while the other half is lit by themoon. Have a discussion about the lunar cycle, explaining that justas the earth and the other 8 planets rotate around the sun the moonrotates around the earth.


The lesson:

Read a simple book on the phases of the moon in small groups of 4or 5 students. Be sure that the children understand why we may onlysee half of the moon, that in fact the moon isn't really cut in halfbut that the dark half is in the shadow of the earth.



black construction paper

cut outs of the basic moon shapes - crescent moon, half moon, fullmoon



cut -out title: The Lunar Cycle

cut-out titles: Full moon, Crescent moon and Half moon


The activity: 

1. Have students cut out the titles and the shapes of the moon.

2. Have them glue the title, "The Lunar Cycle" at the top of thepaper.

3. Next the children will glue the titles, "Full moon", "Crescentmoon" and "Half moon" underneath the title, being sure they leave afew inches of space between each title.

4. Underneath each title have the children glue on the appropriatemoon shape.