PLEASE HELP! ENQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW. Who understands the random thoughts that goes through a person's mind. Here is my unedited, extemporaneous sample.

"Now is time for all good men to come to the aid of their party." "Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny." Divine love has met and always will meet every human need."

I wrote down the above quotes from my head as my computer prof asked us to write down anything in this box. I have no idea who said these things or what they mean. Any ideas? E-mail me with your answers. I could use the help.

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Below are my favorite personal web sites that reflect my diverse [read: wierd] interests. View and enjoy:

Tory the mean minpin

Study the inner workings of stocks and the stock market at Clearstation

Purchase a good book at

Explore the underwater world with Scuba Diving Magazine

Learn about eschatology (what the heck is that?) at the Eschatology Foundation

Read the New York Times to relax after you have finished all the above - enjoy a well deserved break

Educational Philosophy

Students are not mere passive vessels waiting to be filled with knowledge. Kids actually want to learn; however, they may have bad learning habits that prevents them from connecting to school. Students must be reconnected to learning as a vital and fun part of their lives. Everyone is the classroom must be actively engaged and actively constructing their learning.

However, first the teacher must have control of the students and the classroom. Without classroom management, there is no learning. The teacher is the authority who provides the initial structure in which learning takes place.

Site Share -- Here are a few of my favorite websites for social science classes:

Learn about the executive branch of the federal government by touring the White House

Enjoy a lesson plan on the loss of domestic civil rights during wartime from AskERIC

Ponder an interview with Richard Paul on critical thinking

Teach African history by studying African Art from Social Science School Service

Surprise Grab Bag - visit this interesting lesson on how to use a compass and general geography lessons

 Favorite Lesson Plan

U.S. History - Assembly Line Activity


Last year, I taught U.S. History at El Camino High School in Oceanside, CA. One of my favorite lesson plans was a group activity to give the students a feel of working an assembly line. We did this as part of a unit on the factory system. This assignment needs two teachers. Each teacher works as a foreperson of an assembly line. The class was divided in half and each group becomes an assembly line. All the students in the assebly line sit in a row. The goal of the assembly line is to produce as many hand made copies of a sketch. The teacher shows the class a fairly detailed sketch on a piece of paper. The students have to divide the art work in to separte discret tasks. One student draws an outline of a face a pieceof paper. He hands the paper to the next next person who draws the eyes; the next person draws the nose, etc. The foreman (teacher) tries to speed up his or her workers and also rejects pictures that are not acceptable. Each "factory" competes to produce the most product. The teams should be making pictures for about twenty minutes. The students learn the frustration of factory work and the value of group efforts.

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