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Guinea Pig Communication

Last updated: 10 Sep 96

Chirping:Rarely heard. A bird-like chirping. May be a distress sound. Other guinea pigs will freeze upon hearing this sound.
Chutts:Usually made when exploring. May be sounded as a single chutt or a double, chutt-chutt.
Clucking:Sound a mother makes to pups or a contented sound.
Dmmmmm:Short, quick purr sound made when Guinea Pig is startled by a loud noise. Guinea Pig will either freeze or scatter. These are natural survival reactions.
Grunt:Threatening sound. Usually precedes a fight.
Purr:Contented sound made while being petted or brushed. A mating sound made by both males and females seeking contact.
Scream/Squeal:Distress, fear, pain.
Squeak of the Young:Loud, high pitched sound made by pups when separated from mother or litter.
Tooth Chattering:Threatening sound. Usually followed by chasing. If chattering and chasing are all that occurs, they usually settle down once dominance is established. If the tooth chattering is followed by a grunt a fight will occur.
Tweet of the Young:Pups have to be taught to go to the bathroom. The sow will lick their genitals and hindquarters in a grooming gesture to encourage elimination. The pup will respond with a tweet sound.
Whine:Quivering trill. Indicates pain or discomfort.
Whistle:Wheat-wheat sound which builds in pitch. Usually made when caretaker is due to feed the Guinea Pig. A greeting for the caretaker. A demand for food or attention. If fed on a regular routine the Guinea Pig tell you what time it is.


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