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Last updated: 09 August 99

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Acoustic Guitar Magazine

...a monthly feast of the latest equipment and reports. Get yours at your local guitar / music center.

Wood & Steel

Taylor Guitars' 20 page quarterly newsletter. They put their heart into this publication for their fans, customers, and dealers. Lots of company information and portions of the current, or not so current, newsletter are available at Taylor's Web Site.

Trace Acoustic

My choice of amp is from Trace Elliot, distributed by Kaman (makers of Ovation). Currently I have both the TA35CR and the TA100R. Does anyone have any thoughts / experience with Crate's acoustic amp ? I'd like to hear it.

Sabine® AX-800 - "In Tune With The Future"

Tuning made easy ... the first one stopped working but I returned it under warranty - this chromatic auto tuner works like a charm otherwise. It's especially handy when trying to tune a couple 12-string guitars.

Martin Marquis Strings

I've always loved these. They are bright and sound true. D'Addario® sound pretty good too. Martin Guitar Polish is the only stuff I put on my instruments.

I didn't know that only a dozen string manufacturers exist in the US, who makes what ? Since the Ovation is a bit unique in its acoustics, I haven't experimented with putting anything other than the Kaman strings that it was originally strung with. These Kaman strings seem to match up well with the Long Neck but it's really difficult to compare.

Recently, I've been experimenting with Elixir strings. They keep in tune quickly, extremely helpful with 12-string guitars. However, now that Taylors are shipping with Elixir strings, the likelihood that we'll see genuine Taylor Guitar strings is highly unlikely.

Kyser Capo

Their Quick-Change Capo® an original - is there really any better ? I also have a Bird of Paradise capo, interesting, but I wonder if the finely meshed teeth will start wearing out if I use it regularly. I'm also trying out Shubbs, which appears to be the favorite of many on the newsgroup.

Dean Markley Pickup

Currently using a ZH-7 for the Alvarez-Yairi and the Quick Mount for the Backpacker. I don't really have much experience in external pickups so it's hard to say if the ZH-7 is good, it certainly isn't close to the built-in piezo-electric pickups.

I tried a Korg / AcousticWorks G2 Acoustic Guitar Effects Processor once but was totally under-whelmed. The 12-string effect was seemingly non-existent. Maybe I'm just not ready to go totally electric yet ...

Where Do You Get All This Stuff ?

Living in Southern California, I haven't seen the ultimate guitar store as yet, though for acoustic guitars, Buffalo Brothers in Carlsbad, formerly Traditional Music in Leucadia, is noteworthy. Prices at Buffalo Brothers are the best we've seen and the selection is broad and loaded with the latest models. Though you can't tell by visiting their web page, their selection of Taylor guitars is quite good.

My favorite chain still is, Guitar Center. I've tried most of the local shops but they just don't seem to be able to keep up with good inventory or their service just doesn't make me want to return.

Tribute to the Luthier

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