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Guinea Pigs


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by Elvig Hansen
Reading Level: Ages 8 - 12
Paperback, 48 pages, Carolrhoda Books, 1992
0.21 x 8.97 x 8.49 inches, 0-87614-613-2

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0.48 x 9.32 x 8.96 inches, 0-87614-681-7

Elvig Hansen discusses mating behavior, pregnancy, birth, and raising young guinea pigs through a story about Max, Maia, and their two babies. He includes pictures of the birth as well as pictures of the babies nursing. His love for his guinea pigs is apparent throughout the account. He is one of the leading wildlife photographers in Denmark and this talent shines through this book.

The author and photographer succinctly explains the normal behaviors of mothers and their babies. Many of the behaviors may appear strange to human observers, but he gives simple and complete reasons for them. He introduces vocabulary when appropriate and provides pictures for clarification. A glossary and an index are included at the end of the book. Although the publisher recommends this book for ages 4 - 8, it is more suited for children ages 8 - 12.

However, adults, as well as children, will enjoy reading this book, especially those who are interested in breeding guinea pigs. Although Hansen relates only a single pregnancy and birth, he covers the basic knowledge all breeders should know. Although complications during pregnancy or delivery are omitted, this book gives a general overview of what to expect.

One oversight is that this book omits information about the dietary needs of pregnant sows. Since toxemia is a fairly common occurrence, information on its prevention is crucial. Otherwise, this is an excellent introduction to guinea pig mothers and their babies. Even those not interested in breeding should get this book since it includes excellent pictures of baby guinea pigs.

Review written by on May 4, 1998.

Copyright 1998 M. E. Barr.


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