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by Kate Petty, illustrated by George Thompson
Reading Level: Ages 4 - 8
Paperback, 24 pages, Barron's Educational Series, 1995
0.08 x 8.48 X 8.48 inches, 0-8120-9080-2

order nowAlso available in Spanish:
Mi Mascota: Cobayos ($19.30)
Hard cover, 24 pages, Franklin Watts, 1991
0.36 x 8.72 x 8.79 inches, 0-531-07914-7

Kate Petty discusses the history, temperament, and basic care needs of guinea pigs in language most young readers will understand. She covers the different breeds and their physical characteristics as well as their typical behaviors. She also mentions some dietary requirements as well as the life cycle of these beautiful creatures.

This book includes several beautiful close up photographs of guinea pigs in all their inquisitiveness. George Thompson does his best to capture the playful personality of these petite piggies. However, many of his illustrations bear a striking resemblance to other animals.

Some of the information in this book may be considered controversial. For example, Kate Petty states that "two boars in the same cage will almost certainly fight" and that a "guinea pig will willingly share its cage with a rabbit." Many breeders and pet owners have found the former to be untrue and believe the latter to be dangerous living conditions for the guinea pig.

However, in general, this book is a good source of introductory information for young children. In this book, children will learn about guinea pigs, their needs, and their personalities. This book may help both parent and child to decide if they would like to have a guinea pig as a pet. If used in conjunction with a more comprehensive pet care guide, this book is a good addition to any guinea pig library.

Table of Contents
The Guinea Pig (El Cobayo)
All Sorts of Guinea Pigs (Todo Tipo de Cobayos)
Looking at a Guinea Pig (Mirando a los Cobayos)
On the Move (En movimiento)
Eating (Comiendo)
Sociable Guinea Pigs (Cobayos sociables)
Chatterboxes (Charladores)
Newborn Guinea Pigs (Los recien nacidos)
Growing Up (Creciendo)
Handle with Care (Tratalos con Cuidado)
Know Your Guinea Pigs (Conoce tus Cobayos)
Review written by on September 19, 1998.

Copyright 1998 M. E. Barr.


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