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Sundae outside

Nature's Lawnmowers

by Jill Oviatt

July 6, 1996

In 1994, we had a grand total of 13 piggies--4 boys and 9 girls; our pride and joy. :) Our front yard had an abundance of clover and dandelions and the summer weather was just beautiful so we took the piggies in their cages out every day. Oh, how they feasted! They nibbled the greenery down to the quick, so whenever this happened, we would move the cages to the next square. We 'mowed' our entire yard this way -- good for the piggies, good for the yard! Visitors thought it was so innovative and cute! Alas, we are down to one piggie now, but will soon be getting her a companion -- we can't imagine life without a piggie now. :)

Editor's Note: This is Sundae at the front door after she has been a little lawnmower. Whenever she has eaten enough grass outside, she runs to the door to be let inside ... and you can bet that Wheeker is not far behind.

About The Author:

Hello, my name is Alex Tamm I'm 13 and own 2 two year-old male guinea pigs, Lump (a white silky) and Tricky (a brown abbassinian). Here is a story I wrote about them.

Lump & Tricky

The Pig Prank

by Alex Tamm

May 10, 1996

"WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEP" screamed the white and tan pig. The brown pig that was sitting beside him was also whining for the lettuce.

As soon as the lettuce was set on the floor the white and tan pig, whose name was Lump, jumped on it. Lump wouldn't even let the brown pig, whose name was Tricky, get near it. If Tricky tried to take a bite, Lump would yank the lettuce away. Eventually Tricky gave up the direct approach and sat down to think of a plan.

Luckily he was a quick thinker because Lump had the lettuce and he would eat it in a matter of minutes. Tricky quickly walked over to the piano and started to munch it. Mrs. Tamm, who was in the kitchen (doing a crossword), heard her piano being chomped and rushed into the living room. By that time Lump had pushed Tricky away from the piano because he thought that Tricky had something better to munch on than he did.

"YOU @^$@**!*(^&*ǵ FURBALL!!!! GET AWAY FROM MY PIANO!!!!!" screamed Mrs. Tamm.

"Scratch one furball," Tricky thought, as he slowly walked to the lettuce while Lump was being punished. Tricky was sure that Lump would be thrown back in the cage leaving him to munch in peace.

No such luck! Lump only got yelled at. Lump jumped onto the lettuce before Tricky could even take a bite. A great plan popped into Tricky's little brown head. He started rattling at Lump. Lump, thinking that he was the king, jumped on Tricky. Even though it didn't hurt, Tricky screamed as loud as he could. Everbody in the house came running to see what was wrong and they saw Lump on Tricky.

Tricky was put back in the cage with the food, water and lettuce while Lump had to run around on the floor screaming his head off looking for Tricky. The victorious and stuffed Tricky crawled into Lump's cave and fell asleep.

()_() Alex Tamm - Guinea Pig Owner
 \"/  Mail:

After reading Sundae's account of bathing, one might assume that all cavies enjoy baths. This is far from the truth. Here is a story submitted by Heidi Canner ( written by one of her students.

About The Author:

Ben & Zoe
Hello. My name is Ben Fisher. I am 10 years old. I live in Boxford, Massachusetts with my mom and dad. I have two younger brothers. As you can see I really like animals. I have three Guinea pigs, two cats, one rabbit and two gold fish. I think Guinea pigs are the most interesting. That's why I wrote this story from the point of view of a Guinea pig. I hope you will laugh and enjoy this. I will be writing different stories, I hope that I will have more stories published.

"The Great Guinea Pig Bath"

STARRING Scooter Fisher

By Ben Fisher

March 11,1996

Well, my story begins when the giant picks me up out of my jail cell and brings me to a big thing. He turned on a knob and clear stuff start coming out of a stick. He lowers me into a metal box. Suddenly my foot touches the clear stuff. HELP! I'M DROWNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's guinea pig torture. AAAAAA!!!!!! Nice and warm.

Suddenly, they pull out a big bottle of stinky stuff. It stunk like the giants hair. Out of the bottle comes deadly slime and they put it in my hair, and then they start scrubbing my hair and then to top that off they put the clear stuff in my hair.

They picked me up out of the metal box and they wrapped me up in a cloth. Then they took me out and shot air at me out of a gun. It scared me.

Next they dropped me off back at my jail cell. Then they gave me a carrot. That was the least they could do after all that torture they put me through! Then the giant said we can have a bath next week if you act good, so I bit him.

Editor's note: thanks, Ben, we're glad to publish this first story for you. Good luck with all your other stories and we hope you can contribute again soon.

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