How to Play Playground Basketball

How to Play Playground Basketball


basketball court


1 Basketball
2 to 10 Players
1 to 2 Basketball Hoops
2 optional Referees
2 Teams
2 optional Coaches
1 Basketball Court
1 Playground
14 optional Uniforms
4 optional Periods of 15 min.



  1. Pick one to five players to a team.

  2. Choose your defending hoop.

  3. When on the playground have a jump off to see how gets the ball.

  4. Try to get the ball.

  5. Dribble the ball.

  6. Pass to your teammates.

  7. Try to score a point by shooting the ball in the hoop 1 to 3 points can be scored.

  8. Try not to make any fouls a foul is when you hit somebody.

  9. Ask the coach for sugestions.

  10. Have four periods in the length of 15 minutes.

  11. Try to win the game.


Click basketball for movie.
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