How to make a homemade Omelet

How to make a homemade Omelet



3 eggs
one chopped green onion
one fourth cup of milk
one sliced tomato
one Kraft Single cheese
one slice of ham
one slice of butter (small)
one round cooking pan
one mixing bowl
one fork, knife, and spatula


eggs     fried egg


#1 Take three eggs, one tomato, one green onion, slice of ham, slice of butter from fridge

#2 From the cupboard one mixing bowl

#3 Crack eggs and put them in the bowl unshelled

#4 Pour 1/4 cup of milk in bowl with eggs

#5 Mix milk and eggs together at a rapid speed

#6 Slice the ham and add it to the bowl. Repeat with onions and tomatoes

#7 Put round pan on stove with butter in it. (Turn on flame)

#8 Pour contents of bowl in pan string ocassionally with a spatula

#9 Leave in pan until liquid is gone

#10 Put cheese on eggs (melt)

#11 Serve on a plate and eat


fried eggs


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