How to make Hot Chocolate

How to make Hot Chocolate


What you need:  1 mug, mug 1 teaspoon, spoon chocolate, chocolate milk, milk hot water, hot water whip cream whipped cream


  1. Put the hot water in the mug. hot water

  2. Let it cool down for 2 min.

  3. Take the mug, set it on the table.

  4. Then put 5 tsp. of chocolate in the mug. add chocolate

  5. The put 1 tsp. of milk in the mug. add milk

  6. Then stir and put a little whip cream if you want to. add whipped cream

  7. Then sip but be careful it will be Extremely Hot.

  8. Put napkin over the mug so you won't burn yourself, because it will be Hot.


hot chocolate


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