Cute & Cuddly Photo of the Month (February 1999)
Here is Wheeker at her computer typing the most recent edition of "Ask the Cavies". She really likes her computer, but what kind is it? Here's a close up of her at her computer.

All you computer experts, send your answers to Wheeker at and we will post your answers below. The official answer will follow.

Guess the Computer

YES! We have a guess! Whew! We thought that no one was looking at these pictures anymore. Anyway, parsley to Pig, Squirt, and Pearl who wrote on August 26, 1999:

Hey Wheeker;
    It looks to be a Mac of some sort. Not a G3, 'cause of the keyboard. A PowerMac of some sort, probably. Do I have to be more specific?

Well, yes, I'd like a more specific answer. Yes, it is a PowerMac and this one in the picture is not a G3 (though the one I use now is a G3). Here's my next hint. My entire computer is in the picture. Hope I get more people writing in. Remember, just write to Wheeker at I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

no peeking yet

Copyright 1999 M. E. Barr.


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