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with Wheeker, Truffles, Chesapeake, and Viola

Latest Update: June 19, 2010
Featuring our newest ones: Destiny & Joy.
Destiny & Joy's first meeting with Hope, Providence and Harmony ~ 20m:01s [245 MB]

Vidoo clips shot with Flip Video Flip UltraHD® and FlipShare®.


Previous Update: July 30, 2009
Featuring our cuddlies: Grace, Hope, Liberty, Providence, Harmony and Melody.
clip 1 ~ 01m:54s [23MB Quicktime video], clip 2 ~ 01m:30s [18MB], clip 3 - Melody ~ 00m:48s [9.6MB], 
clip 4 - Musical Igloos ~ 06m:56s [84MB] & clip 5 - more Musical Igloos ~ 09m:03s [109MB]
Vidoo clips shot with Flip Video Flip UltraHD® and FlipShare®.


January 2006 Bonus: Spinach Party! Sammie & buddies [~13MB Quicktime movie]


Updated: 17 Feb 99


It has been a long time since we made this movie of Chesapeake. She's almost two years old and this is her as a tiny baby. Remember, this file is 5 MB, so it may take awhile to load.

With the help of a Sony Mavica, we now present you with more movies than you may wish for! All files are about 1 MB.

Here are some first efforts:

Salad's a-Comin'! (small frame)
Wheeker and Chesapeake Eating Lettuce (small frame)
Wheeker and Truffles Eating You Know What (small frame)
Truffles and Chesapeake ... (small frame)
Viola thinking "Shall I join them???? This piece of lint isn't too appetizing ..." (small frame)
Wheeker Snatching a Piece (small frame)
Wheeker Enjoying her Prize (small frame)
Wheeker and Chesapeake ... well, you know (small frame)
Chesapeake Munching Lettuce (what else?) (small frame)
And some better ones:
Viola Doing What She Does Best (small frame)
Wheeker's Itch (large frame)
Buddies Munching at the Food Bowl (large frame)
It's Salad Time! (large frame)
Wheeker Munching Radicchio (large frame)
The Gang's All Here! (large frame)
Truffles In A Thoughtful Mood (large frame)
Chesapeake Loves Her Lettuce (large frame)

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