Last updated: 17 Sep 96

Normally, this would be the place for our sponsors...

However, since we do not really have any supporting sponsors (not now nor in the future), we still thought it a good idea to be good net citizens. As such, we would like to take this opportunity to thank and acknowledge others who have made some contribution to keeping the WMWEB web pages going.

We will do our very best to give credit to all those who provide contructive feedback and contributions. Start from the top level page, WMWEB Web Page, and navigate through each of the two dozen or so pages (you've got to watch for those ever elusive hot links) and send your suggestions to: Jump start to most of these pages with the links at the bottom of this page.

Hall of Fame Acknowledgements !

None to date, but we will credit your contribution(s) when we get it !

Individuals - the heart and soul of the net:

Individuals really are the driving force behind the internet community -- let us work to keep it that way.


Simple NetOne of San Diego's newest web providers, but possibly one of the best!.
MonolithAgainst the tide of commercialism that is taking over the web, the Monolith Coalition provides free internet services and is working to restore the Internet back to individuals. The domain, ML.ORG, was registered in the not so distant past without fee -- InterNIC now charges $50/year for this same service / priviledge.
CTS NetSan Diego's premier ISP! Give them a try, I'm sure they could sign up a few more users before their T3 lines start saturating.
Ascend Communications, Inc.The Pipeline 25 ISDN provides our "bandwidth on demand." Their service and support came through for us. Read about our ISDN experiences.
SafeSurf(TM)This site supports the "Internet Rating Sytem."
WW Web pages developed on the Mac using HTML Web Weaver. Only draw back with this shareware is that it's not a fat binary.

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