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Last updated: 01 January 99

Since the last time we updated our laserdisc page, we had numerous laser disc additions, mostly buying our selections from Ken Crane's in Southern California. However, since Ken Crane's is a bit of a drive, we seldom had the opportunity to get new releases as they came out, which was probably more of a blessing than a curse.

However, for the last six months, we have gotten ourselves into the DVD craze. (Un)Fortunately, we have several places where we can find DVDs at discounted prices. At times we do still go to Ken Crane's, especially to find those Disney titles that are not released on DVD. However, we have often found great deals at some Costco warehouses. Note: As of today, Costco does not sell DVDs on-line, only in their warehouses. We have also bought several at on-line stores such as and Please peruse the following list of movies (LDs and DVDs). At the moment, this page merely catalogs our movie collection, with links to Clicking on links provides additional information on specific titles that this list does not contain, such as cover graphics, cast listings, and reviews.

While browsing this list, if you have a question about a title (e.g., personal recommendation, disc format [CLV, CAV, LTB, WS] or disc quality) or have a recommendation / opinion of your own to express, you're encouraged to drop me a line by e-mail.

We are associates of, which means we get a small referral fee for purchases made from our Amazon links. If you would like more information about this program (possibly becoming an associate as well), visit Associates. If you do not prefer to support our site, but still would like to purchase titles from Amazon, go to and perform a search for the title yourself.

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