Movie Collection: Educational

Movie Collection: Educational

Last updated: 01 January 99

While double checking my list, I found that several of my laser disc links are not working properly. I will attempt to isolate the problem and remedy the situation. I am sorry for any inconvenience.

Find at AmazonTitleDistributorRating
order now   Ansel Adams: PhotographerImageNR
order now   Ape Man: The Story of Human EvolutionLumivisionNR
order now   Bell Science: About Time (CAV)ImageNR
order now   Bell Science: The Alphabet Conspiracy (CAV)ImageNR
order now   Bell Science: Gateway to the Mind (CAV)ImageNR
order now   Bell Science: Hemo the Magnificent (CAV)ImageNR
order now   Bell Science: Our Mr. Sun (CAV)ImageNR
order now   Bell Science: Strange Case of the Cosmic Rays (CAV)ImageNR
order now   Bell Science: Thread of Life (CAV)ImageNR
order now   Bell Science: The Unchained Goddess (CAV)ImageNR
    Cosmos v.1: The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean/One Voice in the Cosmic FugueImageNR
    Cosmos v.2: Harmony of the Worlds/Heaven and HellImageNR
    Cosmos v.3: Blues for a Red Planet/Travellers' TalesImageNR
    Cosmos v.4: The Backbone of Night/Journeys in Space and TimeImageNR
    Cosmos v.5: The Lives of the Stars/The Edge of ForeverImageNR
    Cosmos v.6: The Persistence of Memory/Encyclopaedia GalacticaImageNR
    Cosmos v.7: Who Speaks for the Earth?/A Conversation with Ted TurnerImageNR
order now  order now Dinosaur!LumivisionNR
order now   The Dinosaurs!PBSNR
   order now Encyclopedia of Animals #2: Mammals 2 Herbivores (CAV)PioneerNR
   order now Encyclopedia of Animals #3: Mammals 3 Primates and Others (CAV)PioneerNR
   order now Encyclopedia of Animals #5: Birds 2 Plovers, Woodpeckers, Passaerines and Others (CAV)PioneerNR
   order now Encyclopedia of Animals #7: Insects and Spiders (CAV)PioneerNR
  order now  From the Earth to the Moon (DVD)HBONR
    In Search of the Dragon: The Greatest Dinosaur Hunt of the CenturyImageNR
order now   Jesus and His TimesLumivisionNR
order now   Lee Trevino's Putt for Dough and How to Read GreensParamountNR
order now  order now National Geographic Video: Living Treasures of JapanImageNR
order now  order now National Geographic Video: Save the PandaImageNR
    Newton's Apple Episode IIImageNR
order now   Nova: The Secret of the SexesImageNR
order now   Nova: Baby TalkLIVENR
order now order now order now Predators of the Wild (boxed set)WarnerNR
order now order now order now Predators of the Wild 2 (boxed set)WarnerNR
order now   SchindlerHBONR
order now  order now Smithsonian: Dinosaurs (CAV)LumivisionNR
order now order now  TitanicaLumivisionNR
order now   The Trials of Life (boxed set)ImageNR
order now   Video Visits: China & TibetIVNNR
order now order now  Video Visits: Hong Kong, Macau, & SingaporeIVNNR
order now   Video Visits: JapanIVNNR
order now order now  When We Were KingsImagePG
order now   Yosemite: The Fate of HeavenImageNR

Note: Links to Amazon may lead to alternate releases of a movie.

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